Star Trek Screening: First Tickets Available Now

Update to our Star Trek screening on opening night this week: Tickets are now available at Eventbrite. This is a Thursday, May 7 screening at 7 p.m. in Redwood City at the Century 20 theater (it’s new, and awesome). This is the earliest the public can see the movie, so you’ll be among the first to experience it. The theater holds 600 people.

We’re paying for the price of the ticket, and charging a $2 fee to minimize no shows. After the show we’ll meet at the nearby (it’s changed) Red Lantern for a drink or three. If additional sponsors (thanks, EventBrite!) come in there may be free drinks and popcorn. If you are interested in sponsoring or getting a demo booth at the meetup, email asad at techcrunch.

If you aren’t attending, please do not purchase a ticket. No shows mean an empty seat and you won’t be able to attend future TechCrunch events. If you email us that you can’t attend, we can fill that spot later.

See you Thursday!