Video: Hover Scooter, a 60's hybrid motorbike/hovercraft

Is it the greatest form of transportation of all time? Tentatively, I’m going to say yes. Does it have the best instrument panel of all time? Undoubtedly. The Hover Scooter was an awkward cross between a scooter and a hovercraft. Not the most graceful of vehicles, and I don’t picture a flotilla of these creeping up on anyone in wartime, but at least you get to live out your wildest fin-based fantasies. Look at those suckers!

Whoever designed this should be given a medal and then shot into the sun.

Update: “Hoover scooter” becomes “hover scooter.” You’d think I’d figure that out, but everyone else was doing it too. I thought maybe it was sponsored by Hoover, what?

[via Neatorama and Laughing Squid]