Vudu gets it, embeds streaming software on Entone's IPTV set-top box


People do not want multiple devices hooked up to their TV. They don’t. What they really want is the functionality of all the devices without the physical boxes and it seems that Vudu understands this. The movie streaming company has teamed up with Entone to provide the IPTV company’s set-top boxes with the Vudu software. This is the first time that the service has been available without the actual Vudu box and it’s fantastic news.

Netflix made its way onto numerous devices last year and hopefully this announcement means 2009 will be Vudu’s year. Vudu’s interface is slick and users can select any movie without the assistance of a computer. It’s definitely a better overall experience than the Netflix streaming app. Most people, including myself, would love to have access to the Vudu library, but have avoided the service ’cause it will just add another box to the AV rack and remote to the coffee table. Give me Vudu — and Roku — on my TiVo and I’ll be a happy, happy man.