T-Mobile G1 owners to get Android v1.5 Cupcake update next week (For real this time)

After a somewhat steady stream of T-Mobile USA customers reported that the Android “Cupcake” update had hit their G1s last week, all went silent. Not everyone had gotten their updates, and it seemed as if the rollout had suddenly stopped. Whether this first batch of updates was a mistake, we’re not sure – but at least now we know when it’s coming for everyone.

The update will officially begin rolling out at the end of next week, with roll-outs continuing through the month. Yeah, we know – that’s about as vague as it comes, but it’s good to know that Cupcake is finally on the way.

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. On-screen keyboard, video recording abilities, custom widget support, live folders, stereo bluetooth – the list goes on and on.

T-mobile’s official statement:

T-Mobile USA is excited to offer its T-Mobile G1 customers new software updates, including Android 1.5. Starting at the end of next week, T-Mobile USA will begin rolling out Android 1.5 to T-Mobile G1 customers. The over-the-air update, which all G1 customers should receive by the end of May, will provide customers with many new feature enhancements and updates, such as:

· An on screen full QWERTY keyboard.

· Video record and playback capabilities.

· Easy uploading of photos to Picasa and videos to YouTube.

Additional details on Android 1.5 can be found at the T-Mobile G1 forum at http://forums.t-mobile.com/tmbl/?category.id=Android or via the Android site: http://www.android.com/releases/.