Chinese internet tablet touts 7-inch screen, 48-hour battery


The “Smart Q7” internet tablet represents a somewhat-intriguing step forward in coffee table internet devices in that it features a relatively large 7-inch screen and the promise of a full 48 hours of battery life before needing to be recharged.

While it’s likely that we’ll never see this particular device in the US, it’s a good indication of what’s possible if those battery life figures can indeed be met. Unfortunately, the Q7 stumbles when it comes to screen resolution. At 800×480, it’s going to be difficult to view most web pages without side-scrolling or zooming out.

Aside from that, there appears to be a USB port, a few control buttons, two speakers, and a “headset/TV output interface” according to this translation. No word on price or availability but, again, we probably won’t see it here in the US short of importing a batch from China.

[via Pocketables]