Prediction: What Kindle DX stories will appear today?

We were just going a little meta in the chatroom and Carlos Deleon pointed out that there would be a series of articles all appearing about the Kindle DX. They include, but are not limited to:

1. How the kindle will save print
2. How it won’t save print
3. Will students flock to kindle?
4. Something about the price – What is Amazon thinking!

5. Rant: “Kindle DX is what the regular kindle should have been from day one”
6. Rant: “But I like reading books not screens”
7. Rant: “Sorry, but I’ll wait for Kindle DX 2.0”
8. Is Kindle going color?
9. “We are against the Kindle,” say smartphone reader software companies/competing ebook manufacturers/cranky authors guilds
10. A Kindle for Mom!
11. Where’s my Kindle touchscreen?

Any time you see one of those posts today, drink.