Twitter reacts to Kindle DX news: Price is an issue


Yes, Amazon announced the Kindle DX today, and it’s just what we thought it’d be. What interests us here, though, is what does Twitter think about the news. (And as we all know, Twitter created Heaven and Earth, such is its importance.)

@tariqi Very disappointed by the launch of the Amazon Kindle DX. Seriously, what’s the point? #kindle

@Howard_Scott nearly $500 for a Kindle DX? Come off it Amazon! That buys a hell of a lot of books before it pays itself off!

@sarahhaeger would love to get my hands on the new Kindle DX, but at $500 it’s a little steep

@noliberalbull seriously Amazon: Kindle DX waaay to expensive to justify for most people. I’d love to get one, but no way am I dropping $500 on it

@andreasceo Yeah!! Finally a solution for newspapers: Start throwing out your printing presses, reduce delivery cost – Amazon just launched Kindle DX!

@todesesser From the size of the Kindle DX I expect it to control the security systems of my volcano lair or order my private army to destroy James Bond

@Browntideguy How awesome would it be to read scientific papers on 9.7” Kindle DX? All it needs is a highlighter function.

@L_Berry Dear Kindle DX, I don’t need you. But why do I want you so badly? Please lower your price and mail yourself to me. Thanks, Laura

@wmacphail Man, I think the Kindle DX is a dog. A one-trick pony needs to be easily portable, not a boat anchor.

And so on. The gist seems to be that, um, $500 to read New Yorker articles about race horses you’ve never heard of or 8 million words on why waterboarding is or is not torture may be a bit too much for most people.