Vegas E.A.: Bridgestone develops new electric bike


There are more and more electric bikes coming out of Japan in the last few months. Bridgestone Cycle, which is based out of Tokyo (yes, the tire company), has developed a new model [JP] that’s boasts an assisted travel range of up to 30km with a single charge. Bridgestone claims this is 30% more than what their previous electric bike reached.

The so-called Vegas E.A. features 20-inch wheels and a 2.9Ah lithium ion battery. Frame colors available will include beige, red/beige and black. If only the designers could have spent more time and energy on coming up with a sexier look (Bridgestone wants to sell 2,000 bikes yearly – good luck with that).

The Vegas E.A. goes on sale in Japan only on May 20. I wonder when Japanese companies will start exporting these bikes to overseas markets. Bridgestone’s MSRP is $900, which is considerably lower than most other electric bikes out there.