New color printer cuts printing costs, costs $20,000


Cheap color printing has long been the holy grail of grade-schoolers everywhere*. As you well know, Dad or Mom usually has a copier at work. This copier, at least in my day, was used to make multiple copies of hand-drawn comic books. These comic books are then sold at school for five or ten cents each. If those grade-schoolers parents had had a color copier, however, the entire situation would change. They could sell the comics for 25 cents.

That’s why Xerox’s new color copier is so great. It uses cubes of solid ink and half-page of color would cost about three cents – down from the standard 8 cents or so for most other printers. That is, of course, ignoring the fact that the machine will cost $20,000.

News in the printer industry is limited to a few things. Design is one, size is another. Then there’s price for color prints. Every year or so you get someone crowing about cheap color printers, which is fine by me. I just wish these ColorQube printers didn’t cost as much as a house in Detroit.

* Note: This may apply only to me and my friend Richie.