Psystar to produce and sell an OS X netbook?

Psystar, the crazy folks that have stood up to Apple’s legal behemoth and continue to produce Mac clones, might be working on a netbook according to MacRumors. Apple has been very quite on the netbook front, and seems to not want anything to do with the niche market — although rumors state otherwise. But there is nothing stopping Psystar from producing its own OS X-running netbook. Chances are it would be very similar to the hackintosh netbook mods that have become somewhat popular.

If Psystar actually does produce a miniature OS X notebook, it could be somewhat of a hit as long as the price was right. Getting OS X up and running on a netbook isn’t that hard, but there are probably a good amount of people that would rather not spend the time trying to install the operating system. This would take all the guesswork out of it. Any takers?