Show mom you love her at least 20%

Such a Pretty Pony, by jurvetson

Such a Pretty Pony, by jurvetson

Heads up, everyone: Mother’s Day is this weekend. Please don’t wait until the last minute to pick up some lame gift for your mom. You owe it to her to say thanks for all the love and support and bail money she’s given you over the years. We’re here to help you make sure you get a gift that mom can actually appreciate.

Yubz is offering 20% off all mobile phone accessories, including the original TALK MOBILE. You can spare your mom the agony of looking like a dork wearing one of the same Bluetooth headsets every other schmuck is wearing! Use the code “ForMyBestMom” for your best mom. For your not-as-good mom, you’re expected to pay full price.

Radius is also throwing a 20% discount your way, on their Atomic Bass Earphones. Use code “bestmom” at check out to get your mom a swank pair of earbuds.

And for everyone out there too cheap to get mom a new Kindle DX, BooksFree is offerign 10% off with code “GIFTMD9”.

So be a good son or daughter and say thanks to your mom. Or, be like my friend Tom and share with the Internet your mom’s slow decline into dementia.