Swifferbot drags its microfiber belly across your floor

Oh god oh god! Household monsters are becoming real! This biomimetic slugbot is meant to pick up dust around the house, but it reminds me more of low-level enemies in NES games than any of its robot helper contemporaries. The Fukitorimushi (“wipe-up bug”) is an autonomous robot like a Roomba, but it moves in a freaky inchworm style. The funny thing is, it would be creepy enough without the microfiber cloth wrapped around it, but with it the thing is absolutely terrifying.

It charges itself and finds its own way around, and even lets you know via LED when it’s found an extra-dirty spot that needs a little extra inchworming across. It was shown at the TokyoFiber Senseware expo in Milan.

Ah, I just remembered what this thing reminds me of. Remember Out of this World?


I’d be afraid my little floorbot would one day rear up, bare its single poisoned fang, and take me down as vengeance for all the crumbs it had to mop up.

[via Pink Tentacle]