Two Minute Review: Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse

The Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse from is a $50 wireless mouse stuffed in a replica Ford GT. This is definitely a mouse for car lovers and there’s apparently quite a market for car mice, as offers about a skillion different models of wired and wireless mice that look just like real-life cars.

The version I tested out is an 800-dpi resolution wireless mouse that uses two AAA batteries and a USB RF receiver. The mouse could easily be mistaken for a scale-model toy Ford GT until you get up close and notice the scroll wheel sunk into the middle of the hood. Other than that, though, there’s little evidence of this being a mouse, so go ahead and take it to work with you.

The left and right sides of the car’s hood serve as the left and right mouse buttons. When you click either button, the corresponding headlight lights up as a blue LED. This feature can be turned off in order to save power. The scroll wheel is sunk far enough down into the hood that it’s a bit tricky to operate, especially clicking the wheel. I had a tendency to accidentally wiggle the mouse while trying to hit the scroll wheel, which often caused me to shift the on-screen cursor off of it’s intended target.

Based on my highly-scientific measurements (putting a ruler between the mouse and the receiver) the wireless range of the mouse is a mere 12 inches, so make sure you’re sitting close enough to your computer. I had no problems on a laptop and a little server cube that sit atop my desk but my desktop computer sits almost on the floor to the left of me and the mouse wouldn’t work up near my right hand.

All in all, the Ford GT Series Car Mouse is an attractive device for people who love cars. As an actual mouse, though, it’s a bit cumbersome to use and at $50, it’ll likely remain a niche product. Still, if you’ll take form over function when it comes to cars and mice, you’ll likely not be disappointed with this one.

Ford GT (Red) with White Stripe []

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