Video Review: SuperSmoker Blue

The SuperSmoker is an atomizer that sends the taste and nicotine of a four cigarettes into your gullet without flame, smoke, or even any of the nasty chemicals usually found in cigs. As a non-smoker, this thing was a bust but if you’re a jonesing flier, this thing is amazing.

Each filter tip contains about four cigarettes worth of puffs and each box contains 24 tips.

To use it you charge it up from a wall socket, attach a little filter-shaped atomizer packet, and suck. The tip lights up and you get your taste of sweet release. In all honesty I wasn’t much impressed – “All the nasty taste of a cigarette without the cancer!” – but, again, this isn’t for me.

There are four types of filter – the Zero, the Normal, the Light, and Menthol. The Normal contains 2,4 milligrams of nicotine while the Zero contains none. There is also a cigar model.

* The SuperSmoker has never been proven to be a smoking cessation device, it is simply a safer alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. The SuperSmoker contains no tar or tobacco, it doesn’t burn and can be used anywhere as it doesn’t contain any first or second hand smoke. Plus you can also save on your smoking costs!
* One cartridge contains the following milligrammes of nicotine:

: 0,0 milligrammes nicotine


: 1,8 milligrammes nicotine


: 2,4 milligrammes nicotine


: 2,4 milligrammes nicotine
Each cartridges last for roughly 30 inhalations, which is the equivalent of four cigarettes. Each pack contains 24 cartridges.
SuperSmoker will save you up to 50% of your current ‘smoking’ costs.

* The SuperSmoker is very easy to use. The SuperSmoker has a rechargeable battery which is disguised as the tip of the cigarette. The base is made up of an easy change nicotine cartridge and an evaporation chamber. Once connected, the SuperSmoker will work automatically when the user inhales – there is no on/off button.

I totally don’t want this thing so if you think you need it I can send it to you. I only sucked the filter tip but I can throw in the used one if you swing that way. Just leave a comment and I’ll pick one smoker at random.