Chinese man builds terrifying massage chair out of scrap metal

Let’s say you’re coming home from a long day at work, and your husband says “Dear, I have a surprise for you.” Hoping it’s a new tea set or maybe your favorite dinner, you follow him inside, where he shows you his surprise: a nightmare “massage chair” made from salvaged auto parts that looks like it could tear you apart like cotton candy and give you tetanus at the same time.

This was the reality (or at least, how I imagined it) for one Chinese woman, whose husband (a retired car repair guy) DIY’ed a massage chair to ease her joint and muscle pain. And although it certainly looks like something the Spanish Inquisition would employ on defiant heretics, I’m guessing from the look on his face (“Ahhhhhhhh….”) that it’s actually pretty relaxing. Not that I’d step into that thing — not for a million yuan ($146,628).

[via Dvice and Gizmowatch]