GirlsWithiPhones: More proof that girls are slightly more mature


I’m glad I have a daughter. When she grows up she might post a picture of herself in her underwear on GirlsWithiPhones [marginally NSFW] as opposed to my son whom I’m only going to assume will drop his drawers and wave his junk around on [NSFW]. While this may never be the case, it seems that these two behaviors are very sex-specific. Call me a pessimist.

Like sexting, rainbow parties, and filluping (a popular sexual pastime), these sites suggest that our youth – and their older, muscled friends – are celebrating their sexuality more than we ever did as children of the 80s. I do not believe, specifically, this is the case. There are a few pages of iPhone photos here, each produced by a specifically outre and exhibitionistic individual. Fifty butt shots out of 304 million people means I’m fairly certain that you and I won’t be seeing six packs we know up on these websites anytime soon.

via Textually