How one man made his own Hackintosh


The Houston Chronicle, bastion of high-tech reporting, has a cool article on making your own Hackintosh desktop using an ASUS mobo and 16GB of memory.

Not only did the author, Brent, discover that creating a Hackintosh is fun but he also found it fraught with peril!

I was so stunned when I saw the beautiful welcome-to-Leopard video playing on my monitor. I grabbed my speaker cable and plugged it into the headphone jack in the back of the computer because I love the music in that video. No dice – no sound. Since it was a new motherboard that I hadn’t used before, I hoped I’d just picked the wrong jack, so I tried all 6 headphone jacks on the back of the motherboard, but still no audio. Ah well, nothing’s perfect, I figured, so I excitedly went back to the keyboard and mouse to set up my account.
I put in my network information (I don’t use DHCP) but it couldn’t connect to the network. No big deal, I thought – I’ll just reboot, and –

It didn’t come back up.

Sadly, after all that work he went back to using Windows 7, albeit emulated on a virtual machine.