Journalism school ‘requires’ students buy iPhone


Oh look, outrage. It’s been a few minutes since we last ran into outrage. This time: an evil plot, hatched by the Missouri University School of Journalism, that, in effect, lets students cover the cost of their iPhone or iPod touch with federal student loans. Someone call Superman, or at least Daredevil.

How is the school getting away with this? By classifying the iPhone or iPod touch as a requirement, students can then buy them with the full faith and credit of a federal student loan.

I now quote Valleywag because it made me laugh:

This has students who are PCs up in arms; one student, Elizabeth Eberlin, has started a Facebook group, her generation’s ultimate gesture of pointless, passive-aggressive protest, to complain about the move.

There’s a small asterisk here. Even though the iPhone is “required,” it’s not really required. The school actually won’t force you to buy an iPhone—you won’t be penalized in any way if you don’t buy one—so there’s little reason to freak out about it.

Carry on, citizens.

Photo: Flickr