Nokia's Very BigHuge Giant App Store! (TM)


Nokia is planning an app store that could explode your head out of your ears and make your bladder explode in delight. Called the Ovi Store, this amazing app store will have 20,000 apps on launch, enough for all the men, women, and children in Scranton, Pennsylvania to enjoy an app a day for fifteen years.

I’m not quite sure why Forbes sees the Ovi Store as the second coming of the Jesusphone but I’ll accept that 20K apps out of the box is pretty good. However, there have been Symbian apps for almost a decade now, which mind of makes the claim of the biggest app store on launch disingenuous.

Interestingly, there will also be web video included in the 20K number, which means a bunch of wonky web video gets counted as well.

The store is so large because Nokia is stocking it with a broader selection of digital content. The company says there will be lots of entertainment and media files, including an entire category of short videos and “mobisodes.” The store’s 20,000 items will be across all of these categories, not just apps.

Oh well. I rarely go to Forbes for tech stories anyway.