Random software recommendation Friday: Vox audio player for Mac OS X


Here’s a random software recommendation for your Friday afternoon enjoyment. It’s Vox, it’s for Mac OS X, and it’s a lightweight audio player. No, it’s not going to replace iTunes on your system—there’s no library feature, for one thing—but it’ll play some of the more obscure formats out there.

Right now (and for a few months now, going back to when it was called Tool Player), I use Vox to play those high-resolution FLAC files that I, uh, find on the Internet, as well as Ogg Vorbis files that have been popping up on a certain Sirius XM-related Usenet group of late.

Yes, you could use VLC to play these same files, but I have never been a fan of VLC (Or maybe it’s just that VLC for Mac is sorta icky?); I’m more an mplayer man when it comes to indie-cool multimedia players. Then, of course, I use Plex when I’m watching movies on the big screen.

I don’t know, I like it, and maybe you will too. Or not! Totally your call. But if you’ve ever searched for “how to play flac on mac os x” then Vox will do the job just fine.