Unreal Tournament co-developer will develop BioShock 2 multiplayer mode (multiplayer mode?!)


Did any of you say to yourself, “You know, BioShock is great and all, but it could really used a tacked-on multiplayer mode to insure that I still say good things about it several years after its release”? Doesn’t matter, because the first details of BioShock 2‘s multiplayer mode have just showed up in our inbox. The good news: Unreal Tournament developer (well, co-developer) Digital Extremes will develop the multiplayer mode. The bad news? It reeks of, “Yeah, we received critical acclaim, but now we need every high school kid in America to buy it, and if we stick a multiplayer mode on there that’ll do the trick. Look at Call of Duty 4!”

But let’s not be too harsh. You’ll play as a plasmid test subject (so, not a Bid Daddy or Big Sister or Great Aunt or anything) in pre-destruction Rapture. So that’s neat, yes.

And like Call of Duty 4, the more you play multiplayer the more points you’ll earn, points you’ll use to buy plasmid upgrades and the like.

And now we await for the Internet to fracture along party lines: the please-don’t-water-down-BioShock crowd and the eh-a-little-multiplayer-can’t-hurt.


Also, the BioShock Web site could be the most annoying Web site on Earth. It’s a giant pain in the neck to navigate. Load already, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!