Boeing told to stop developing high-tech Airborne Laser, Multiple Kill Vehicle


Yup, we come to CrunchGear for the latest in Department of Defense news. Looks like the DoD (that’s fancy inside-the-beltway talk) is telling Boeing to stop researching its Airborne Laser and Multiple Kill Vehicle. The DoD would rather Boeing spend its time (and taxpayer money) on less Star Wars/Trek-like tech. In other words, build guns and bullets, sure, but try not to focus your energies on replicating the BFG or Cerebral Bore.

Here’s a video that’s straight out of Iron Man (a fun movie, if you haven’t seen it yet). It shows the MKV running amok in a controlled environment.

Love the 1980s music in that video, by the way. Reminds me of that episode of the (UK) Office.

Also, count the pop culture references in this post. Crutch much, Carlos?