AQUOS Audio: Sharp Japan announces new home cinema system


Last weekend, Sharp Japan announced a new home cinema system (kind of), the so-called AQUOS Audio [JP], essentially racks with a built-in speaker system. Sharp is especially aiming at potential buyers who usually don’t have the space to set up full home theater systems.

The AQUOS Audio basically consists of two front speakers, one center speaker and a 230W subwoofer, which – according to Sharp – boasts the best performance in the industry. There are two versions available, the AN-AR510 (for TVs featuring a screen size between 42 and 52 inches) and the AN-AR410 (for 37-42 inchers). The former model costs $1,000, while the latter version will carry a price tag of $900.


Both systems will be available in Japan on June 10. Sharp hasn’t said yet whether AQUOS Audio will ever be sold outside Nippon as well.