Channel your inner Zack Morris with the 'Brick Style Mobile Phone Holder'

brickMiss the 80’s? Me neither. If you have a friend or loved one who does, though, perhaps you should buy them this Zack Morris-style cell phone holder. Yes, it’s a cell phone holder that looks like a gigantic old-school cell phone from the decade that time, common sense, and style forgot.

Here’s the confusing product description:

Remember when cell phones where large blocks of plastic? Now you can relive that unfortunate era with this Brick Style Mobile Phone Holder! Simply place your cell phone inside and listen as the Brick yells out 1 of 5 different phrases every time you get a call or text message. The phone will flash if you get a call and the volume is muted. Makes a great gift for the retro inspired person in your life.

– Requires 2 AAA batteries (included)

But HOW does it know that you’re getting a call or text message? Bluetooth? Magic?

Whatever the case, it only costs¬†¬£9.99 — and thankfully it’s only available in the UK. At that price, you’d think Bluetooth wouldn’t be included. Perhaps it just acts as a giant earpiece that plugs into your phone’s existing 2.5mm adapter. Either way, we’ll never know. Or I won’t, at least.

Brick Style Mobile Phone Holder [ via Red Ferret]