Floating iceberg is the perfect eyesore for your lakefront property


Finally, a chance to scare the bejesus out of nighttime boaters everywhere. Stick this gigantic inflatable iceberg out at the end of your dock and listen for midnight fishermen to scream in horror as they find themselves floating brake-lessly towards what they can only imagine to be a Titanic-like fate.

During the daytime the “Iceberg Floating Climbing Wall and Water Slide” is simply the next evolution in lakeshore eyesores, easily usurping those giant trampolines that offer little to no actual bounce. The price is right, too, at a whopping $5399 from Overstock. You’ll send a clear message to all the other cabins on the lake: “My kids are spoiled rotten thanks to my almost endless supply of disposable income.”

That being said, if your neighbor anchors one of these out past their dock, make friends with them as quickly as possible. Maybe even help to set it up. It is, after all, a 20-foot climbing wall with a built-in waterslide that very likely provides hours and hours of entertainment. I mean, you’re only human.

Iceberg Floating Climbing Wall and Water Slide [Overstock via Likecool]