Fujitsu technology lets you remotely erase data on stolen PCs


Fujitsu and another Japanese company called Willcom have developed a security feature that makes it possible to delete sensitive data (or any kind of data) remotely from lost PCs [JP]. Fujitsu says the first notebooks that come equipped with the new technology (and an encrypted HDD) are expected to hit Japanese stores in the third quarter of this year.

The PCs feature a built-in PHS module that makes it possible to receive signals that can make the computer delete the decryption key for data stored on the hard-disk drive. In Japan, at least, Fujitsu uses Willcom’s PHS network. The solution also works when the computer is turned off. Users are also able to fence out the bad guys completely, as the feature also allows to prevent the PC from booting up.

Security comes with a price. Fujitsu charges between $5 and $10 monthly for their new technology, aiming mainly at businesses. The company hopes to sell 100,000 notebooks with the feature pre-installed within 12 months after launch.

The technology is Japan-only for the time being, as Willcom isn’t operating its PHS network in any other country. Fujitsu claims their new security feature is the world’s first of its kind.