G1v2 spoilers: it's a Moto! Wait, no, it's not

Remember that picture of the G1v2 we saw last week? We were puzzled at the bottom row buttons, and a commenter at BGR figured out the riddle. It turns out those are Motorola-style buttons (see them here and here?), not HTC. I thought the keyboard looked HTC-ish, but hey, we all make mistakes right? In any case, the phone pictured appears to be a Motorola phone running Android, although nothing can be said for sure just from one picture.

It should also be said that the recently pictured Samsung “Bigfoot” looks a hell of a lot more like the phone labelled G1v2 on that leaked roadmap.

So to sum up, the G1v2 we thought was a G1v2 wasn’t a G1v2 but a G1v2-like Moto, and the G1v2 labeled G1v2 we originally saw is still the G1v2. With a G1v2 on top.

[via Engadget]