MSI jumps into the headphone game with the SyrenPhones

MSI has been expanding their territory aggressively over the last couple years. Originally they were mostly about components, but now they’re a leader in netbooks and are rolling out stuff like these headphones. They look like pretty standard, despite the inclusion of a “unique G Logo Power indicator” (they light up) and a “golden-plated USB interface to eliminate noise” (it’s a digital signal, guys).

I’d stay away from the SyrenPhones for now, since they’re almost certainly put together from a mishmash of third party bits; MSI isn’t exactly an established force in audio technology. This is probably just them dipping a toe in right now; if they like how these sell, they’ll probably start engineering their own. No pricing is available yet, but unless these are less than $40 I’d go with something nicer.

[via Far East Gizmos]