The Motorola W7 Active Edition is good for you, because gestures burn calories or something


Gesture controls for phones (or any other gadgets) sound like a great idea on paper. “Wow,” you think, “I can shake my phone to change the song! That’s so convenient!”

So you get your phone, you load your songs, and you shake. Shake. New song! Shake. New song! A day or two goes by, and it hits you like a breakdancer’s foot to the face: you can shake your phone around and make everyone around you think you’ve got a twitch – or you could just press the “Next” button.

Speaking of gesture controlled phones, Motorola just announced one. The Motorola W7 Active Edition lets you shake, flip, and tilt your way to the realization of futility. They’ve given it a health twist, adding a pedometer and a “Personal Trainer” application, two more things likely to see use for 2-3 days. It’s like a mobile Wii Fit.

As for things that will see regular use, it’s also got 3G, FM Radio, and dual cameras. The W7 will hit the shelves in Asia and Latin America next month at an unknown price.