Toilet kneeler cuts down on splashback, dignity


Of the many possible solutions to the worldwide epidemic of pee splatter, few are as simultaneously awful and wonderful as the “Angels Knee Pillow” as it’s directly translated from Japanese. “Why drag angels into this?” you may ask. Who knows? It’s a kneeler for urinating, though, so let’s not overthink it too much.

If you’re thinking to yourself that the split design of the above pictured knee pillow seems like too much work, you may enjoy the less-expensive bench-style knee pillow shown below.


The two-piece apparatus costs 5,800 Yen (about $59 US) while the bench-style kneeler costs 4,800 Yen (about $49 US). The biggest challenge, of course, is consistent usage, lest your kneeler itself fall prey to splatter should someone opt to go number one the old fashioned way.

Angels Knee Pillow (in Japanese) [ via InventorSpot/]