Dr. Mobile FreeStyle 1300n joins 11.6-inch netbook crowd

VIA’s “How To Be Mobile” blog takes a look at the Dr. Mobile FreeStyle 1300n series of netbooks powered by, of course, the VIA Nano 1.3GHz CPU. The 1300n is an 11.6-inch machine with a 1366×768 resolution, weighs just under three pounds, and is less than an inch thick.

Other specs include up to 4GB of RAM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and WiMax options, integrated card reader, webcam, and choice of XP or Vista Home Basic.

All in all, this line looks pretty standard although the higher resolution screen is definitely a plus. It’d be interesting to see how this machine performs against the new similarly-equipped 11.6-inch Acer with Intel’s Atom chipset.

According the above video, these netbooks should hit the market in about a month and will definitely make an appearance at Computex in June. Check out the video for more info, but keep in mind that it’s sponsored by VIA so they’re naturally going to be positive about everything.