Drive recorder shoots video on demand, or remembers accidents

If you’ve ever wanted to re-enact a scene from Cops (or Reno 911), this may be your best option. The Fujitsu-Ten DREC-3000 is a video system that sits there in your car and continually records, cannibalizing its own video like a cheap security camera — or really expensive high-speed camera. That way it will always have the last 20 seconds of footage recorded on its little SD card black box, so accidents will be captured from start to finish.
You can also just tell it to record, say if you’re doing some kind of really cool driving and want to show it off later (not advised). In fact, that’s really the major difference between it and its predecessor, the DREC-2000.

Unfortunately, it’s only 640×480 video; you know they’re trying to cover something up when they list the actual number of pixels — 310,000 — instead of a resolution (Nintendo did it too for the DSi).

I have to say, though, “DREC-3000” is a really awful name for a product. It looks like “dreck,” and it sounds like “wreck.” The name isn’t exactly begging you to install it on your car.