Gresso "Lady Gold" and "Ultramarine Gold" limited edition phones

lady_gold-3v-lightDesign house Gresso recently announced the latest additions to their product lines, the “Lady Gold” and “Ultramarine Gold”. Both phones are built into a titanium case, covered with colored ceramic, and then accented with 18k gold. Inspired by wrist watch design, Gresso has also put a sapphire crystal window into the back of the phone, so you can see the circuit board.

While these aren’t for me, I’m sure there’s someone out there who’s interested in such a uniquely-styled phone. It’s overall a pretty basic Windows mobile device, but if you’re buying this one you’re more about form than function anyway.

If you want one, you better move fast — and bring your wallet. Both models are limited to a run of 15 units, and will cost approx. $6500 (depending on the current exchange rate on the Euro).