Logitech's $200 wireless Guitar Hero controller gets delicately groped


Newsflash: people love Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can tell because Logitech makes a $200 guitar controller that’s currently backordered 2 to 4 weeks.

Gizmodo spent a little quality time with the aforementioned wireless PS2/PS3 controller and said that the all-wood guitar is “definitely solid” and that “the weight of it was comparable to an actual guitar.”

The controller touts hundreds of hours of battery life and “virtually silent” fret buttons and strum bar. It looks nice, too, if you can get past the goofy colored buttons. I like Guitar Hero and Rock Band as much as anyone but if I’m gonna throw down for some big boy instruments, I think I’d pony up an extra $100 for the Ion drum set instead.

Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller [Amazon via Gizmodo]