Make your own "pager scanner"

Those little scamps over at Adafruit are always up to something. This time they built a “pager scanner” which is basically a system that grabs all of the pages transmitted on pager networks and displays them. Sadly, the pager network isn’t as juicy as it used to be and now only doles out sports scores and emergency broadcasts.

What’s that you say? What if, during my day-to-day, activities, these haX0rs try to steal my pages? Well, remember, if you’re still using a pager you’re either a doctor or a drug dealer stuck in 1992 so you either don’t care if someone sees your pages or you deserve to be snooped upon.

One concern: the video is pretty darn obtuse so unless you know what “bit banging” is, I’d avoid giving this a try. Still, they give you the full breadboard diagram and a bit of background so you can try this trick yourself.