Rumor: iPhone 3 specs leaked


We’d love it if there was some glaring omission in this screenshot that flagged the whole thing as fake, but we’re not seeing it if it’s there. Some lucky tipster on a chinese forum claims to have obtained a production model of the next iPhone and has already rattled out all the specs, backing up his claims with the screenshot to the right.

According to AppleInsider, the purported specs are as follows:

  • CPU bumped up 50%, up to 600mhz
  • System ram doubled, up to 256mb
  • 3.2 megapixel camera (That’s all?) with autofocus
  • Magnetometer
  • 32GB of storage space
  • Nearly identical externally

Can we debunk it on the spot? Nope. Does that verify its authenticity? Absolutely not. Nothing here is too absurd (most of it, such as the magnetometer and 32GB storage bump, has been rumored for some time), but none of the proof provided would be at all difficult to forge. How about a shot of the prototype hardware? We expect that this is just the first of many rumored spec leaks that will trickle out leading up to WWDC next month.