Video: A pink Cessnazuki and a very rusty 4-legged mech

This British junkyard engineers (by the name of Transmutant) are the local version of what’s found all over the world: smart but slightly crazy guys who take a totally random idea and just go with it. This is where girlfriend-attacking nerf tanks and enormous beetlebots come from.

These fellows in particular have mated a small plane to a Suzuki to make a sort of pink…Cessnazuki, and there’s also a dilapidated but partially working 4-legged walker bot that looks like a bit of a rough ride.

I like to think there are scrapyards like this hidden all over with treasures just waiting to be discovered. Don’t Panic has certainly found one of them, but I happen to know there are a couple lurking in Seattle, too. Maybe not quite as awesome, but they’re there.

[via Don’t Panic]