ViewSonic moves from monitors to mobiles


So, lets say you’re one of the top display makers in the world. Congratulations! Except you’ve grown bored of making all these monitors – you want to mix it up a little. What do you make? Toaster ovens? Nah. Hello Kitty kitchenware? Hell no. You make cell phones. The jump is oh-so obvious, isn’t it?

Well, not really – but James Chu, CEO of ViewSonic, thinks it is, saying “With 20 years of display experience this is a natural extension of our product expertise,” but we’re not really seeing the connection here.

But who knows? Perhaps they’ve got something amazing up there sleeves, and will blow our minds by actually releasing it rather than dabbling for a few months and subsequently releasing nothing at all? Either way, do us all a favor, ViewSonic: Android. We don’t need more platform segmentation.