Ritz Camera: a lesson in clearance sales

img00022-20090512-1935It’s amazing that we haven’t heard anything about the Ritz Camera fire sales after Circuit City’s failed attempt. That’s probably ’cause there are actually deals to be had at the closing stores. The company announced a while ago that nearly 50% of the stores will be closing and the sales would start shortly afterward. I happened to walk by my local store in Flint, MI and discovered that there were actually deals. No, seriously. Things were on sale. For real. 

Chances are that the good stuff was shipped to the stores that were to remain open a while ago, but I found filters, bags, binoculars, and other random items at honest to goodness sale prices. Plus the store had the usual assortment of frames and photo albums at low prices. The glass cases were empty of cameras and camcorders, but there were a few lens and flashes still available. What I’m saying is that it might be worth your while to vist your local Ritz Camera store before it closes forever.