Japanese concept bra has old maid counter only stoppable by engagement ring

trd0905131151008-p6If you think you’re under pressure to get married, try living in Japan. Apparently it’s bad enough that people need robo-brassieres to constantly remind them — robo-brassieres equipped with an old maid timer that goes off, presumably, when you’re officially considered an old maid by the government of Japan. I think that’s around 23?

The countdown timer can only be stopped by putting an engagement ring in the little thing there. When that happy day arrives, just pull out the pen and official marriage agreement from the special pockets made for them and tie the knot.

It’s not going to be sold anywhere but will remain a concept; the creator, Triumph, regularly releases concept bras with no chance of production. Last year it was a solar-powered bra. What are you going to power with those?

I wish I could understand these Japanese morning news shows. They’re such a smorgasbord of useful information!

[Pink Tentacle via Crave and Dvice]