Latest "Laptop Hunters" Ad From Microsoft Hits The Web: Meet Lauren And Sue

Above is the latest Laptop Hunters ad in the famous series of video advertisements Microsoft is putting out there to make people proud of being a PC again (and at the same time attack pricing for Macs).

The latest ad features pre-law student Lauren and her mom, Sue, and these are the things they are looking for primarily in a laptop: speed, portability and battery life.

They end up with a Dell for $971.99. More precisely: this Studio XPS Laptop with Intel Core2 Duo Processor P8600 – Black

Not before checking out the Macs, though!

The money bit:

Lauren: “This Mac is $2000! And that’s before adding anything.”
Sue: “Why would you pay twice the price?”
Lauren: “I wouldn’t!”

This most recent ad comes about two weeks after Sheila bought a $2000 HP, and one day after Apple responded to the Laptop Hunters series with the Elimination spot. You should also check out the ‘Homeless Frank’ video if you haven’t seen it yet (brilliant spoof).


(Via Steve Clayton)