Long video: WinMo team explains why interface is sorta rubbish


Whoa whoa, Internet. Let’s not get carried away here. Forty-two minutes of the Windows Mobile team pouring its heart out, explaining the whos and whats of WinMo 6.5? If you’re waaay into WinMo, sure, maybe, but for the rest of us, only a few bullet points are needed.

• The WinMo interface was rushed, yes. The team put the whole thing together in eight or nine months, and that it looks as good as it does should be considered an engineering marvel; don’t hate on WinMo without knowing how much work they put into it so quickly. (Whether Microsoft should be forcing these guys to do so much in so little time is another matter.) The interface will be improved as the river of time flows downstream.

• Widgets. One day, WinMo 6.5 will support a widget engine, powering tiny applications coded in HTML, Javascript and pixie dust. All such widgets will be sold through the Marketplace.

• Silverlight. Nope, you won’t be seeing it on WinMo 6.5. Not that I’ve ever run into it online as it is, but don’t expect it to work on your mobile device any time soon.

Again, it’s 42 minutes of Inside Baseball, Windows Mobile-stle. If that interest you to such an extent, God bless you.

Photo: Flickr