On ordering Cablevision's Optimum Online Ultra (the really fast Internet service)


Well I just ordered Optimum Online Ultra, the fastest Internet service in the whole of the United States of America. The helpful gentleman will install the service on Tuesday. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Yes, anyone who’s currently an Optimum Online subscriber can upgrade to Ultra, which tops out at 101 megabits per second. There’s a hot, one-time $300 installation fee that’s non-refundable. Apparently the helpful gentleman has to upgrade the wires or some other nonsense. Cablevision gives you a new modem, obviously; I’m leaning toward this router to share the connection throughout the house.

I forgot some of the perks they give you, but I seem to remember the person on the phone saying that we get 250 e-mail addresses, which makes me think it’s more for small businesses than a residential dwelling.

The price for the service is $100 per month. There’s no contract either, so if you decide a few months down the line that you don’t want to pay $100 a month for Internet, no matter how fast it is, then you can downgrade no problem.

There was no mention of bandwidth caps (OOL currently doesn’t have bandwidth caps either), but I’ll double-check on Tuesday when the helpful gentleman installs the service.

So yeah, ordering was pretty painless. Hopefully I don’t run into any problems ::knock on wood::