TechCrunch Berlin, June 10 – Panels and pitches from the German Tech scene

As we announced back in February, TechCrunch is coming to Berlin on June 10 and we hope you’ll join us for an afternoon of speakers and startup pitches, and an evening of networking. There is an amazing tech scene in Germany and we want to do our best to showcase this. That’s why we’re partnering with several local entities on the ground to really display the best of the German scene. You can grab a ticket here.

We also want to involve you in building the content for the event. So I have two requests. First, I’d love to hear from potential speakers who can give a quick-fire, 15 minute talk on any of the topics below. Secondly, we will also be running a pitch competition, so if you want to be considered for this please get in touch (criteria for pitching and contact details are below). This is your chance to get in front of the TechCrunch audience.

We’re putting this event on with a number of great partners. Our Location sponsor is Zanox, a global market leader for performance-based online marketing. Our media partner is Gruenderszene, the magazine for founders and people interested in founding a company. Sevenload, the social media network for Web TV, will be streaming the event live onto And Seedcamp, the Europe-wide travelling startup programme, will be working with us on content and we’ll be showcasing the winners of Seedcamp Berlin the previous day (June 9). We’ll obviously also be doing a wrap-up post after-wards, talking about the startups that pitched and any other news from the event.

So I’d like to hear from you if you can speak on any of the following topics:

• Financing startups in Germany
• The merits of B2B vs. B2C for startups
• Competing with US players
• How to deal with a crisis in your startup (down-rounds, valuation drops)
• Bootstrapping

To recap:

To be considered for the pitch competition you need to email TechCrunch Europe Editor Mike Butcher (er, me), with a one side of A4 text-only pitch, and also include the URL of you company/project/startup etc on CrunchBase(you can add your company onto it if it is not already there). Include: The market “problem” you are solving with your startup, your solution, your competitors, your team, and what you’re looking for (Series A round, etc). Regarding opportunities to be on the panels please contact me as well.

We have a few sponsorship opportunities and demo tables available for companies to show off their products. If you are interested in supporting the event or any of the other forthcoming TechCrunch events around Europe, please email our event organiser Petra Johansson of TwistedTree.

If you are a member of the press wanting to cover the event or any of the forth-coming events, please email Rassami Hok Ljungberg of rassami PR.

Our sponsors and partners:

Location sponsor: AG is a global market leader for performance-based online marketing and has established a strong presence in all core markets around the world. More than 2000 prestigious international companies rely on the zanox affiliate network and sector-specific expertise in all sectors where innovation is taking place. Affiliate programmes provide companies with global solutions for efficiently marketing their products and services on the internet. zanox attaches great importance to the quality and the continuing development of its affiliate sites, whose owners are in addition being motivated by fast and transparent compensation. zanox’s international focus is strengthened by its Global Alliance Partner (GAP) programme. Furthermore, in May of 2008, the GAP Campus opened its doors at zanox headquarters in Berlin to serve as an international meeting point for developers and designers.

Media Partner: Gründerszene is the magazine for founders and people interested in founding a company. On a regular basis Gründerszene publishes news and expert content, dealing with the branch. Hands on reports and technical essays shall inspire founders and help them to implement their visions. Gründerszene explicitly wants to foster the passion and the respect towards entrepreneurship among young founders and experts of the branch.

Video partner: sevenload is a social media network for internet television and user generated content. Every channel on sevenload offers independent, intelligent and creative content from users producing their own content as well as professional production companies. sevenload was founded in 2006. sevenload is a global social media platform for photos, videos and interactive show formats. sevenload enables users to manage and share their photos and videos online for free. The site offers an array of different interactive internet shows in various languages and categories. In addition, some of the available channels are from famous and popular artists and musicians.

Strategic partner: Seedcamp is an intensive week long event held in September in London targeted at young entrepreneurs from across EMEA. Seedcamp have set it up to provide seed funding and world-class connections for startups. September 2007 marked the first Seedcamp Week and group of funded startups. September 1009 will mark the third.

Drinks Spornsor: Dwight Cribb Personalberatung was founded in 1998 to provide executive search (headhunter) services to new media clients. The Hamburg based firm is responsible for around eighty high profile new hires in the industry each year. From the outset working with start-ups has been an important part of the business and Cribb in some cases offer “consulting for equity” arrangements to particularly promising start-ups wishing to recruit top-level talent whilst conserving cash. Talk to Dwight Cribb about your plans at Techcrunch Berlin.