Alesis JamDock does what a single cable can for more money

jamdock_angle_web_med_460_x_288You are a musician. You want to play along with some songs or an instrument that’s stored on your iPod (I would never do that). Now JamDock is an iPod dock that let’s you connect your iPod to a mixer. Something you could do with a $3 cable. The JamDock powers your iPod when it’s in the dock. Like you don’t have  another cable for that anyway.

If you go to rehearsal you shouldn’t spend your time watching over your precious iPod to protect it from thieves. Alesis included a Kensington lock for security. So if you like spending $$$ on something that will let you do things you already can, this is for you!

There is no word on price yet despite it’s in the stores already.