An infinite supply of black socks
Thank the maker that we live in an age when we can order anything online and have it delivered right to our door. Even better, subscription services free us from the tedium of having to remember to actually go buy stuff. Today, friends, I’m pleased to let you know that the magic of Internet shopping and the convenience of subscription services have merged together for the benefit of your sock drawer! makes sure that you’re regularly stocked with fresh, black socks! has delivered over one million pairs of socks to Europe, and now they’re bringing the magic to the States. No longer do you need to worry about selecting the socks with the smallest holes, or whether your socks are almost-but-not-quite black. With‘s revolutionary sockscription (!), your sock drawer will never be hurting for clean, black socks!

Update: Wow! The sock delivery model is actually ten years old! The story of is a sad one, and we should all reflect for a moment on the countless Internet merchants that didn’t make it. And when you’re done reflecting, go buy some socks.