CrunchArcade indie game preview roundup

Checking a few indie game blogs, I ran across some excellent-looking games coming out soon for PSN and XBLA. These micropublishing platforms have been extremely good for the indie games community, which is thriving. It’s also good for us gamers: for instance, I just finished Zeno Clash and it was extremely refreshing. Check out these three awesome trailers.

1-4 (working title), from PixelJunk

Some sort of Solar Jetman or Sub-Terrania-esque action-puzzler. The music is High Frequency Bandwidth, I understand. PSN.

Grapple Buggy, from Mommy’s Best Games

Mother of god. It’s a cross between Blaster Master and Bionic Commando, two of my favorite games of all time. Here’s hoping it’s half as awesome as that sounds. For XBLA.

Critter Crunch, by Capybara Games

Weird little puzzler, reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on. HD trailer is here. Will be single- and multi-player. PSN.

[via TIGsource and]