DIY lightbox and potentially softbox

This illuminated suitcase idea (first featured in Pulp Fiction) is grand. I might just start carrying a suitcase so I can open it up and blast people with the light of Marcellus Wallace’s soul — I mean some diffused fluorescent lighting. The trouble with this design (if there can be said to be trouble) is that there’s only light on one side. What if, instead of tracing pictures of robots fighting, I want to do some product photography? Well, the sucker’s going to be backlit. But… what if both halves of the suitcase were lit?

Yes. This is my dream. All it would take is a mirroring of the first half of the project. Program a robot to do the first half and then flip the suitcase over if you must. Just get a second bulb (perhaps brighter) and maybe some wax paper or paperboard to put on the sides. And there you have it: a suitcase that opens up into two glowing sections — place product on bottom half, adjust exposure, and fire away. I’m so going to do this.

[via Lifehacker and Make]