This Touch Pro battery heated up a little too much


Wow. Lets just say that if this story is true, it might not be a good idea to store a spare HTC Touch Pro battery in a back jeans pocket. Allegedly this man did just that, and the the battery heated up a bit over specification. Enough so that it burned his jeans. Wow.

I walked into my house early this week to the smell of burning. I couldn’t find where it was coming from. Last night as I was gathering my laundry I noticed a burn through the back of my jeans. A HUGE hole. I had a spare Touch Pro battery in my back pocket. It had expanded and obviously started a fire in my jeans. They were in a clothes pile and buried, so I assume that there wasn’t enough oxygen to start a fire. I will post pictures later, but be very careful where you store extra batteries. I was very worried about my home.

A debate rages on in the forum where this was posted about what caused the battery to do this. It could be that it was a cheap eBay battery that did not like the heat. Or some people are pointing out that the contacts could have shorted on something. Who knows.

PPC Geeks via WMExperts