Video: Albatron's 10.2-inch netbook weighs around two pounds with six-cell battery

Albatron will be releasing a very slim and light netbook later this year. The standard specs apply — 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of RAM, 10.2-inch screen — but the computer’s thin frame and two-pound weight ought to deserve a second look from people looking for as much portability as possible.

The keyboard looks okay, too. It’s one of the newly-popular island keyboards that we’re starting to see on more and more netbooks nowadays. Also, despite the tiny size, Albatron has apparently somehow managed to stuff a six-cell battery into the machine.

No word on pricing or availability, although Sascha from says in the above video that it’ll likely ship in the second half of this year. Whether it’ll hit the US or not is a whole different story.

Video: Albatron Slimline Netbook Hands On []